FreeLLy Aviation Trademark Won the National Trademark Registration Certificate

Date:2019-04-28 10:59:30 Author:FreeLLy

 On January 28, 2019, FreeLLy(Shenzhen) Aviation Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FreeLLy) four-colored "aircraft with sun and moon" pattern trademark officially obtained the trademark registration certificate of the State Intellectual Property Office. This has laid a solid foundation for FreeLLy Aviation to fully promote the marketing strategy and achieve a global service layout.

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The company's logo is an aircraft pattern based on a combination of FreeLLy's art letters and surrounded by a crescent shape with the company's English name at the bottom. The company's English name "FreeLLy" is a variant of the English letter "Freely". It has two symbolic meanings: one with the hope that the company's main business will be operated freely and smoothly; and the second meaning is hope FreeLLy will be a better development platform for its employees. The blue airplane pattern symbolizes the spirit of the fierce fighting spirit of the FreeLLy. The trademarks is colored by blue and orange with a wish of a bright future for the Chinese aviation industry as well as FreeLLy.