Cambodian Civil Aviation Authority and Sihanouk Airport Leaders Visited FreeLLy Aviation

Date:2019-01-28 10:17:08 Author:FreeLLy

The deputy director of the Cambodian Civil Aviation Authority, the chairman of the technical committee SinnVutha and the general manager of Sihanoukville, Norak Van, visited the FreeLLy Aviation on December 7, 2018, and January 27, 2019, respectively. 


General manager of Sihanoukville, Norak Van and General manager of Freelly, Yang Xiaofeng

Accompanied by FreeLLy Aviation's general manager - Mr. Yang Xiaofeng, Mr. SinnVutha and Mr. Norak Van paid a visit at FreeLLy office and the Shenzhen Airport Zhuoyi VIP room, which they learned about the History, business sector and future planning of FreeLLy. During the meeting at Zhuoyu VIP room, they had an in-depth conversation about private jet service processes, ground support details, VIP services, and other projects. In the end, the two sides exchanged ideas on the development planning, operation strategy and revenue management of the FBOs project at Sihanoukville Airport in Cambodia.


The chairman of the technical committee, SinnVutha and Yang Xiaofeng.

At the end of the inspection, Chairman SinnVutha stated his confidence on FreeLLy's management and operation of FBOs project at Sihanoukville Airport in Cambodia, and he agrees on the service concept and management model of FreeLLy Aviation. He believes that FreeLLy will be a good operator and quickly expand the business under the support of Cambodia Aviation Bureau.