Freelly Won Cambodia FBO operation license

Date:2019-03-28 09:15:12 Author:FreeLLy

After over three years of unremitting efforts and determination, FreeLLy(Shenzhen) Aviation Service Co., Ltd finally won the aviation ground service license and FBO construction management operation license issued by the Cambodian Civil Aviation Authority in March 2018. The FBO construction and management operation license is the only operational license issued by the Cambodian Civil Aviation Authority, and it is the first FBO operation license obtained by Chinese aviation service companies overseas, which represents the rapid rise and development of China's aviation service industry.

Located in the Indo-China Peninsula, the Kingdom of Cambodia with a long history established a diplomatic relationship with China in 1958. The profound friendship passes along with several generations of Chinese leaders, which laid a solid foundation for the long-term stable development of bilateral relations. As an important node in Southeast Asia along with the “Belt and Road” initiative, the Cambodian government has given full affirmation and strong support at the beginning, and it was critical support of promoting the “Belt and Road” construction. The solid foundation of the partners has made Cambodia as a “good investment” for a long-term return.


General manager of FreeLLy Yang Xiaofeng(left middle)with Minister of Transportation Department(Cambodia) Mao Havannall and State Secretary Chea Aun(R).


Aviation ground service license and FBO construction management operation license issued by SSCA(Cambodia).

FreeLLy actively responded to the national “One Belt and One Road” initiatives, accurately grasped the historical opportunities of Cambodia’s aviation development. FreeLLy has formed a team of experts to visit the Kingdom of Cambodia for FBO project research and negotiations since 2015. After several rounds of arduous negotiations with relevant Cambodian authorities in the past three years, we finally obtained the only qualification of FBOs project management and operations in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

After the signing ceremony, Mr. Yang Xiaofeng, the general manager of FreeLLy Aviation Service, said with excitement: "the acquisition of FBO's operational qualifications not only provides a good start for China's aviation industry in the global market but also implements China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative. I believe the development of FBO projects at Cambodian airports will accelerate the investment enthusiasm of Chinese and international entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and greatly promote the development of various undertakings in the country.”